Answers to frequently asked questions from our users

1. Is the use of ImCounter really free?
Yes, guaranteed! ImCounter is a project from DreherSoft, which provides very successfull, free and ad-supported Internet projects with high quality webstandards.

2. Advertising Funded? Does this mean that there is advertising on my website?
No. The costs incurred by the operation of ImCounter, are financed by other Internet projects. We do not believe in layer ads or annoying video advertising media with sound and therefore ImCounter and your website is free of any advertisement.

3. Can I also use the counter invisible?
Yes! We even offer an "invisible Counter", but you should save your statistics link to get to the statistic later ;-).

4. Can I change the Counter-Code?
We check the measured values​​, and the Counter-ID very closely and therefore a modified code will not work. But there is also no reason to change the code. ;-)

5. The Countercode is slightly longer than I know it from other providers, why is that?
Our system is a complete redesign according to the latest state of the art. We are faster, more accurate and reliable than probably any other free visitor counter on the market.
The new code guarantees that each page impression is counted. Test us! Build in our Counter parallel and you'll be amazed at what is really going on on your website!

6. Is there a visitor reload lock?
Of course! But here we rely on a newly developed system and don't count the same visitor every 30 minutes again. We continuously check if the site visitor is new, or still the old visitor and provide you thereby absolutely correct values​​.
FastCounter really is the new Counter-benchmark!

7. What about the advertising value?
The advertising output on the dashboard is the theoretically achievable advertising revenue your website.
The CPM (Cost-Per-Mille) is calculated from the average remuneration of various advertising agencies. We recommend that you look around at Cash4Webmaster for a suitable marketer and various advertising providers compare to get the best possible income.

8. What about the ranking on the dashboard?
The ranking gives you information about how popular your website is (compared to other sites which use ImCounter). Here, several factors are considered. The main factor for the ranking is the number of visitors of the past days. The ranking is updated once a day.

9. Who runs ImCounter?
ImCounter is an service from DreherSoft. We develop for almost 15 years, large well-known Internet portals and use completely self-developed technologies. Below you see some portals, we have launched:
"directupload.net", "filsh.net", "directspeed.de", "ipcounter.de", "shotroom.com"

10. Is there support at ImCounter?
Of course! You can contact us by email and receive a response within a very short time.